How to Choose a Good Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a sad fact, but it is often necessary in marriages. According to The Wall Street Journal, most divorces are resolved before reaching the courtroom. But to help ensure you are treated fairly during the process, it is important to find the right lawyer for divorce. Like anything else, there are good divorce lawyers and bad.


  1. Search for lawyers specializing in divorce law. Often the best places to find lawyers are law firms that specialize in family law.
  2. Find a lawyer who has much experience. You’ll want to find someone who has practiced law in particular divorce law for many years. You also want to make sure your potential attorney with experience in divorce cases in your state.
  3. Find a lawyer who has a specialty that fits your particular case. There are divorce attorneys who specialize in men and the rights of parents, women and the rights of mothers and custody.
  4. Ask the potential tax if you have worked with your spouse’s lawyer. You can make the process easier and less painful if you have two lawyers who have worked together in the past.
  5. Search for a lawyer with whom you get along. Like any new relationship begins, make sure you’re compatible with the person.
  6. Choose a lawyer who is firm and honest. It is important to find someone who is willing to say things you do not want to hear. If the lawyer is trying to win your case will be tough and honest with you, usually can be sure to be honest hard throughout the divorce process.
  7. Find out about the cost of their service. Find out how much it will cost you everything, which will retain you and how you will be charged.
  8. Ask the attorney how long the process and at what rate their cases go to trial.

Tips and Warnings

Beware of people claiming to be a “specialist” in divorce. Make sure you have the necessary expertise to support its assertion.