What is the asphalt primer oil?

Many roads and access roads consist of an asphalt surface instead of concrete. Asphalt offers many long-term benefits, including force to support many vehicles through it. However, asphalt impregnated oil may deteriorate the road surface or road. Oil asphalt primers provide control process oil for the preservation of a substrate of asphalt.

Asphalt Characteristics

Asphalt is a mixture of gravel, sand, stone and asphalt cement. Apart from its durability, it provides a final soft asphalt surface. The smooth surface helps conserve vehicle fuel and less harmful emissions into the atmosphere emanating. Although asphalt provides a smooth surface, tire grip easily the way for a safer travel. Flanking walls noise concrete roads are not necessary with asphalt roads because the asphalt is naturally quiet vehicle moves through it.

Oil purpose primer

Asphalt Primer not removes oil or oil absorbing asphalt but sealed inside the stained area. Primers consist of a basic oil emulsion latex concentrate. Typically, oil asphalt primer is applied to oil stains before sealing the road or driveway sealant pavement. Combine oil primer with a final sealant hidden oil stain and prevents them from resurfacing with asphalt sealing.

Oil primer application

The asphalt surface must be thoroughly cleaned before application of oil primer. Typically, a professional repair company specialized asphalt used torches to burn oil stains. Oil stains heating removes any remaining residue before applying the primer oil. After the stain is cool, workers apply primer oil to the individual spots with a gun, roller or brush. The surface can be covered with asphalt pavement sealant, effectively sealing and hide the stains of oil once the oil primer is completely dry.

Profit oil primer

Receiving asphalt surfaces without priming sealant applications that will eventually have oil stains oil stains resurface. As resurgent oil, cracks and damage to the asphalt surface, generating a weak substrate. Asphalt continues to weaken as the oil spreads over the surface, aggravated by weight and vehicle movement. Oil primers preserve the composition of asphalt, avoiding weakens and contributes to longevity.


Asphalt primer oil works well in isolated oil stains. Asphalt surface oil extensively damaged still requires removing asphalt patches and resurfacing. Consult a business professional individual assessment asphalt road repair or driveway. Each is individually dyed surface oil, which requires trained to properly repair an appointment eye.