How to make a disguise of a construction worker

How to make a disguise of a construction worker. Making your own Halloween costume is not only creative, it also saves you money. A construction worker’s suit is easy to do and works for both adults and children. And the best part is that you probably own most of the items you need to make the outfit. Here you will see how to make a construction worker disguise.


  1. Cut the sleeves of an old flannel shirt. The more worn the shirt, the better. If it’s cold, wear a long-sleeved shirt below the flannel shirt. If you show your arms, get yourself a rough temporary tattoo.
  2. Choose the most used jeans you have. The holes in the knees are a plus.
  3. Put on a tool belt filled with tape measure, hammer and other small hand tools. Make sure the belt is not too heavy to wear all night.
  4. Find a helmet to carry on your head. Costume shops or stores that sell toys for children should have helmets, especially during the Halloween season.
  5. Find a radio to talk to in your children’s toy box. Carry it in your hand or place it in the tool belt.
  6. Wear work boots or sneakers to complete the suit.
  7. Search a local savings store for items you do not have and you cannot borrow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Construction works are not the only ones that require the use of helmets. For example, architects and engineers often wear helmets at work sites. If you are having trouble finding one, ask your acquaintances. You may be surprised at the person who has one.
  • Use a little brown makeup on the face to create dirt stains.