How to level the sand base for patio flooring

Placement of concrete or brick pavers for a patio requires more than simply placing pavers on the existing landscape. To ensure a stable and reliable base for your patio, you must excavate the area and establish levels of support structure. The higher level of support is a layer of sand, which allows easy installation of the pavers must be completely flat for the safe installation of the paver.


  • Dig the patio area at a depth of at least 18 cm, reaching stable ground. Check with building control Department and utilities before digging to find the limitations or requirements for construction in the area the City Council and ensure you do not damage any underground cables or pipes while digging.
  • Shrink the subsurface plate compactor or manipulations to create a stable from its construction project of the hand surface. You can buy or rent these tools in DIY stores and rental centers of the plant.
  • Cover the ground with a landscape fabric layer, followed by a layer of 7.5 to 10 cm from the base paver patio or gravel. Base material spread evenly across the surface with a garden rake or hoe and then compact this level. Landscape fabric and the porous base material, helps to drain rainwater from the courtyard.
  • Place two PVC pipes about 75 cm apart near one end of the courtyard.
  • Pour sand leveling between and around the two tubes until they have filled the entire area around the pipes with sand. You should still be able to see the top of the tubes lightly through the sand.
  • The level of the sand scraping flat wooden plank on the tubes. This will scrape away excess sand, creating a layer of sand level.
  • Remove the PVC pipes sand and fill their spaces with sand until the area is completely leveled. If you work in a large courtyard, the pipes move to another place in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallation and repeat the steps until you have created an arena based completely level.
  • Dampen the sand with a garden hose to settle. Tamping or compacting the surface once more. Once the sand level is also completely flat, you can put your pavers.