Describe the work of a construction worker

Professional responsibilities

Responsibilities vary depending on the specific job, although a general set of responsibilities involve working under the direction of the construction manager, to ensure that project objectives are met. Often, workers help skilled workers complete a project and have to operate various manual and electrical tools, surveying and measurement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects high demand for construction workers between 2008 and 2018.

Required skills

Most manual worker positions are physically demanding and require good physical condition. Excellent interpersonal communication and teamwork skills are necessary, since completing a job will depend a lot on those skills. In addition, the ability to work in various locations is useful, as locations vary daily.

Education and work experience

A higher education diploma is the minimum academic requirement. An internship, which can be achieved by attending a technical / vocational school or consulting a local union, is the training necessary to gain the skills required as a manual construction worker. Training in safety measures and mastery of reading basic mathematical calculations may also be necessary depending on the trade. Although some trades can be learned without formal training, in general there are more employment options for those who have more training of this type. Some workers may have to get a state license, while others may not. This varies depending on the state and the trade.

Opinion about the work

The catalysts of the Bureau of Labor Statistics projection with respect to a 19% increase in work are an increase in population, a reduction in infrastructure, and buildings that are many years old. Those workers with the most experience and specialized skills will receive the greatest benefits from this growth. The only manual construction workers who will experience a downfall will be the helpers of roofers, painters, paper makers, plasterers and plasterers, as technological advances have a greater efficiency in these jobs.