Price of construction of a contemporary house

The architects’ houses seduce by their clean lines and their capacity to maximize the space. With their architectural style, this type of work contrasts dramatically with the traditional houses that we can see in all the blocks. You too dream of building your own contemporary home and design?

An architect’s house for what price?

It is quite difficult to estimate the price of a contemporary house. Indeed, the budget will depend on several factors such as the price of the land, your architect’s fees, the area, the materials used or the cost of the labor. On average, count 2000 euros per m2 for the rooms of life of day and night such as the rooms, the bathroom, the living room / stay. The ancillary rooms such as the basement, the cellar, the garage have a price per m2 between 750 and 900 euros. The budget for the field varies from one region to another and, of course, from its surface. Approximately 1/3 of the final budget. The average price of a building land in France is 141 euros per m2. In Paris, the price is well above this average. The cost of building the house itself is estimated at 60% of the final price. This tariff includes the cost of materials and manpower.

Architect prices vary according to your degree of requirement?

If you want a house with extravagant shapes, then the price of construction is likely to flare up. By opting for modern technologies such as heat pumps, ventilation systems or a passive construction, for example, the cost of your home will also increase substantially.

Secondary costs during construction

There is the cost of building the building itself, but within your budget you will also have to rely on your architect’s fees or the margin that the promoter will take if you choose to go through such a professional. It is mandatory to go through an architect once the floor area of ​​your house reaches 170m2. An architect can take from 8 to 12% of the total cost of the house. The costs of an architect in the context of a contract with a builder are included in the service. Do not forget to budget the fees of notary whose fees account for about 7% of the price of the house. It is imperative to subscribe to a “damage insurance work”. You will find insurers who will offer you contracts whose price is between 3000 and 6000 dollars. Some developers include this insurance in their contract.